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What does Progress look like?

Lansing City MarketThe dictionary defines “progress” as “forward movement toward a destination.”  Look up “community” and you’ll find: “all the people living in a particular area or place.”

Combine those words and their meanings and what you have is a sentiment for positive change… an opportunity for bigger and better things… a call to action… a connected network of motivated people who want more for the region where they live and work. What you have is Greater Lansing Progress.


For some, Greater Lansing Progress means downtown redevelopment, area economic investment, growth for the region and jobs.

For others, it means revitalizing neighborhoods, building the value of your home and ensuring safety.

For others still, Greater Lansing Progress means common sense fiscal management, accountability and a more responsive, respectful local government.

For all, Greater Lansing Progress means residents – like you – joining together, talking, working, advocating, building momentum and driving movement toward a better, stronger region.

What does progress mean to you?